Awaken to Healing Frequencies of the Geometric Universe

Searching the Past to Understand the Future

Sacred Sonics and Available Light believe that; Knowing where you are going, begins with understanding where you came from

Tonal Flexibility

Each of Sacred Sonics tuning systems are flexible and customizable

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Compose original healing soundscapes using Sacred Sonics' geometric systems

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Call for Designers

Adventurous instrument makers are invited to design analog instruments tuned Geometrically

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Available Light presents original Geometric playlists for use in wellness sessions

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Tech and Wellness

Technology definitely has its pros and cons. At Available Light, our focus is upon the technological implications of tone and frequency and how these forces affect human health and wellness. As technology pushes us ever-deeper into a realm of dependence rather than control, we must ask the questions that few seem to realize are imperative for the future of human health and wellness. We propose a deeper dive into the massive role of music and frequency in our lives. We are all aware marketers have abusively utilized music to influence our habits and decisions. It should not surprise to learn that tone, such as those used in modern music, deeply affect us as well.


What is Geo-Tuning?

Geo-tuning or Geometric Tuning is a proposed set of alternate tonal structures and harmonies which closely correspond to geometry and therefore nature. The intended usage is as a harmonic substitute for 12-TET tuning, in sonic wellness applications familiar to many as 'sound baths'. Each system is constructed to be perfectly harmonic and useful for musical, even keyboard composition. Tuning systems within this 'Geometric' genre are easily applied to the 88-tone keyboard logic. By utilizing full-spectrum signals at healthy frequencies, mind, body, and spirit can be liberated from the effects negative frequencies that inundate us in our everyday lives.


Frequency Matters

Most of us swim in an ocean of sounds and other frequencies that elicit negative and unhealthy responses from organic and inorganic tissue alike. If working in the standard office environment of North America, a worker's energy field, physical body, as well as the brain (via visual input) is constantly bombarded by office lighting, which pulsates at a rate of 60Hz. This simply means that the lighting above you flashes on and off SIXTY times every second. It may come as no surprise that this frequency is considered incompatible with human neurological physiology. This is not an isolated example of the depleting and harmful frequencies commonly present in daily life.

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Sound Concepts

Historical perspective on the development of Geometric Tuning systems

Harmony is Also Perceived by the Heart

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that music's various harmonies are only understood by the ears and auditory physiology. But, consider for a moment, the role of the heart in listening. Do you experience an emotional reaction when listening to your favorite tunes? If so, you have already opened yourself to the heart's vital role in natural harmonic appreciation. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your heart's wellness with natural Geometric harmonies built upon the laws of nature and geometry.

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For over ten years, the problem irked the writer. Piece by piece over the years, he put together an increasing understanding of history, music, and the theory of tuning systems. Then one day, it all fell into place. The book 'Sacred Sonics' is the result of a tortured musician's obsession with nature and harmony - And, the question of why they never seemed to complement one another. Over twenty-one alternative tuning patterns is the result of the author's struggle to make music... make sense within a health and wellness paradigm.

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What's Wrong With Music?

How the Standard Model of Tonality Has Obliterated Natural Harmonies

Why Does Modern Music Mostly Just Su*k

Prior to the 1920's, musicians around the world enjoyed unparalleled flexibility in the tones and harmonies they utilized in original works. It would seem to be a fair situation until you are confronted with performing with a 'fixed' tuning instrument, such as the piano. In this instance, every instrument in the ensemble is restricted by the fixed tonality of the '88-key beastie'. Read about how the piano in-general and tuning system standards specifically, completely hobbled the musician and slowly destroyed modern music.

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